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Cram Course

Cram Course


Take this 2 day Cram course before you sit for the state exam! 

The Cram Course Review is a 2 day course meant to be the culmination of a student's exam preparation. As adults, we either don't have the discipline or the

time to study like we should. Most often, the realization of the fact that we aren't prepared comes as the time to take the state exam nears....and then comes

the anxiety! This intensive 2 day cram
course review covers the prelicense course in it's entirety and:  

1. Reminds the student of some things he/she learned early on, but has since become foggy on.

2. Answers questions in the student's mind about things he/she has been unclear on or unsure about.

3. Gives the student a chance to hear examples and analogies making the material more understandable.

4. Covers the psychological aspects of standardized exams and gives the students the tips and suggestions to overcome them.

Cram Course is 9am - 5pm each day


2017 Cram Course Dates:

Registration Closed
December 7 & 8 Class is FULL.
Any registrations will apply to
January 11 & 12 Class.

2018 Cram Course Dates:

January 11 & 12 Thursday & Friday

February 1 & 2 Thursday & Friday

March 15 & 16 Thursday & Friday

April 12 & 13 Thursday and Friday

April 19 & 20 Thursday and Friday

May 3 & 4 Thursday and Friday

June 7 & 8 Thursday and Friday

July 12 & 13 Thursday and Friday

August 9 & 10 Thursday and Friday

November 15 & 16 Thursday and Friday

*RETURNING STUDENTS (Students who have attended previous cram courses) WILL HAVE TO PAY $99 EACH TIME THEY





Cost: $99

*Classes fill up quickly, so sign up soon!
*Questions before ordering? email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Classes will be held at:

MY Real Estate School
(South Hall Bldg.)

1951 Hoover Court
Birmingham, Alabama 35226
(205) 822-9322

*No refunds will be issued for cancellations....you may reschedule the class or have your materials sent to you***


Teaching students how to pass the state exam is more than merely a task for us...It is a responsibility that we take very seriously!  

All of us here at MY Real Estate School proudly feel that the best real estate instruction in the state comes from us!

We help you overcome an incredible obstacle (the state exam) while at the same time introduce ourselves to

you and prove our worth. It is our sincere hope that down the road you will choose to utilize our services for your Post License, Continuing Education

hours and your skill development needs.








Exam Cram Course

Birmingham Real Estate School Courses
Everyone remembers what it was like taking a test at school. Moreover, while some of your classmates were natural-born exam takers, not everyone found themselves quite so gifted. That is why, as someone trying to become a professional real estate agent and seeking full certification, the prospect of having to pass yet another exam can be nerve-wracking, to say the least.

No matter how long you were able to study for, there’s no guarantee that you will pass the test on your own. From focusing on the wrong aspects of the course information, to simply having all of that studying go out the window on question one, everyone could use a little extra help in passing the exam.

While no real estate school can legally guarantee that they will get you a passing score, My Real Estate School is the next best thing. With over 20 years of real estate educational services taught in a friendly and light-hearted atmosphere, we have helped more Birmingham AL area professionals obtain their goals the right way. With more experience and a better quality of education, we have done our part to help more aspiring real estate agents find success.

Whether you find yourself having the sort of personality that’s difficult to focus during studying, or it is taken you a while to complete the preliminary lessons to this point, our online Exam Cram Courses are an effective and affordable exam preparatory course. In just two days’ time, you will be reviewed with the most pertinent information from your previous studies, bringing everything you have learned back to the forefront. You will walk into your testing day more calm and confident, knowing that you are prepared the best that you can be.

All of the courses that we offer are the culmination of decades of professional instruction. With the latest information and the best training tools, we can help you pass the test better than any other local prep service. Informative, convenient, and effective, you will not find a better real estate prep course with any other school.

By combing the best in local instruction that brings real estate course information in a fun and fast-paced curriculum, you will find better information retention and the confidence that you need to obtain your license. Before you trust your real estate licensing exam prep with any other school, choose the one that’s been helping more realtors for longer than anyone else in the state of Alabama.