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Continuing Real Estate Education

If you were asked what professions require continuing education, you may say something along the lines of health care or legal services. And while that is true, one profession more people forget to remember about is with real estate sales. Real estate is not as cut and dry as obtaining a license. As real estate has a particular set of laws, rules, and regulations, both in the local market and nationally, every professional is required to continue taking educational courses.

Luckily, the top name in local Birmingham AL real estate license courses also offers the best in real estate continuing educational instruction. My Real Estate School helps more real estate professionals in Alabama stay ahead of their competition with the top quality educational courses. Whatever field that you excel in, we have fully accredited and affordable lessons for you, including:

  • Brokerage Courses
  • Real Estate Sales Courses
  • Real Estate Financing Courses
  • Business Management
  • Commercial Financing Courses
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Residential Leasing
  • Green Home Construction Education

Whether you are returning to continue your educational needs or are seeking to understand a particular area of real estate a little better, we have everything you need to see the professional growth you would like to achieve.

Continuing education is not just a requirement. By continuing to learn and grow as a local Alabama, real estate professional, you are doing your part to keep our local markets thriving. By having a better grasp on any and all changes to current legislation, as well as having simple reminders on best practices, you can help more clients with better-informed decisions from both a sales standpoint, as well as from the ethical end of things.

Although everyone knows that they need to complete their continuing educational courses, sometimes it can be difficult to take time out of your hectic schedule. Everyone knows how much work goes into developing professional relationships and making the most of each listing. When you are working everyday for your clients, when are you supposed to take time out for your CE?

Good news, the same school that provides the convenient choice in online real estate educational courses offers better options in online continuing education learning! This way more area professionals can find the courses that they need whenever they can access them. When you are able to keep up with your educational requirements without taking time away from your clients, you can make the most of your schooling every time.

The classes that we offer online aren’t just convenient, but you will find them to be affordable as well. Our general education course is just $98; you can find other educational instruction online for as little as $40! When you save a ton of time and money, you can become a better agent for less.

If you are tired of trying to shoehorn classes into your tight schedule, then the best in online education is ideal for you. Come benefit from the most experienced real estate educator in our state.

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Mission: MY Real Estate School’s mission is to provide quality real estate education that is both affordable and convenient, appealing to the various educational needs of the modern student.


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