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Alabama Real Estate Broker Course

Advance your real estate career and become a real estate broker with our 60-Hr. state-approved online Alabama real estate broker license course. Complete your Alabama real estate broker education anytime, anywhere with 24/7.

  • Real Estate Principles: This section covers fundamental concepts in real estate, including property ownership, property transfer, land use, and legal descriptions.
  • Alabama Real Estate Law: A comprehensive understanding of state-specific real estate laws and regulations, which are crucial for conducting real estate transactions in Alabama.
  • Agency Relationships: Exploring different types of agency relationships in real estate, including the duties and responsibilities of real estate agents and brokers to their clients.
  • Contracts: Study of real estate contracts, including purchase agreements, listing agreements, and other legal documents commonly used in real estate transactions.
  • Real Estate Finance: An overview of real estate financing options, mortgage types, and the role of financing in property transactions.
  • Real Estate Appraisal: Understanding the appraisal process, including how property values are determined and factors that influence property valuation.
  • Property Management: Topics related to property management, including tenant-landlord relationships, leasing, and property maintenance.
  • Real Estate Ethics: An examination of ethical considerations and professional conduct in the real estate industry.
  • Alabama Real Estate Commission Rules and Regulations: A detailed look at the rules and regulations governing real estate practice in Alabama.
  • Real Estate Marketing and Advertising: Effective marketing and advertising strategies for real estate properties and services.
  • Risk Management: Learning to identify and manage risks associated with real estate transactions.
  • Business Planning and Management: Guidance on establishing and managing a real estate brokerage business.
  • Fair Housing Laws: An overview of federal and state fair housing laws and regulations to prevent discrimination in housing.
  • Environmental Issues: Understanding environmental concerns and regulations that may affect real estate transactions.

Please Read Very Carefully! 

Your license number is required to properly record your course credits with the Alabama Real Estate Commission. If you do not know your license number, it is available at Your license number is a 6 digit number. Do not include the zeros before or after your license number. Example: 000123456-0 equals 123456.

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