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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Self-Paced Online Course??
To access your self-paced online pre-license or post license, log into our online learning platform
How to Initiate Pre-Registration with the Alabama Real Estate Commission?
Prior to taking your pre-license course exam and obtaining your license, it is imperative to complete the pre-registration process with the Commission. This pre-registration step streamlines the efficient exchange of information among instructors, exam providers, and the state of Alabama. Upon successful pre-registration with the Commission, you will be provided a unique ID number, which is a crucial requirement for scheduling your state exam.
Access Pre-Registration

How to Complete the Alabama State Licensing Exam?
The salesperson examination must be undertaken through Pearson Vue. To achieve a passing grade, the state mandates a score of 70% or higher. MY Real Estate will assist you in preparing for the Alabama real estate licensing exam, allowing you to learn at your own pace and equipping you with the necessary tools for success in your future career. The salesperson examination must be successfully completed within six (6) months from the end date of the appropriate pre-license course. Failure to meet this deadline will necessitate retaking the course. Please note that scheduling the state exam will only be possible after fulfilling the course requirements.
How to Submit an Application for an Alabama Permanent Salesperson’s License?
In addition to successfully completing the mandatory 30-hour post-license course, every temporary salesperson is obligated to submit an application for an Original Salesperson License within a twelve (12)-month timeframe. This twelve-month period commences on the first day of the month following the issuance of the temporary license and concludes on the final day of the twelfth month. It is important to emphasize that this deadline applies to both active and inactive licensees. The application for an original salesperson’s license can be accessed on the Commission’s official website at Adherence to this timeframe is crucial, as failure to submit the application and obtain the permanent/original license within the stipulated twelve-month period will result in the expiration of the license. In such a scenario, the applicant will be required to initiate the licensing process anew, starting with the pre-license course.
Is Post-Licensing Education Required in Alabama?
Individuals are required to obtain a temporary license prior to enrolling in a post-license course. For salespersons granted an active temporary license, successful completion of the 30-hour post-license course is mandatory within six (6) months from the date of licensure activation. This six-month timeframe commences on the first day of the month following the issuance of the temporary license and concludes on the last day of the sixth month. Please note that the state mandates a proctored course final exam. For individuals with inactive licenses, completion of the 30-hour post-license course is obligatory within one (1) year.

What is the difference between online courses and livestream courses? How do I know which to pick?

Real estate licensing courses are typically designed to provide aspiring real estate agents with the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the licensing exam and work in the industry. These courses are available in different formats, such as livestream and self-paced online formats, each with its own set of pros and cons.

Livestream Format:

Livestream courses are conducted in real-time, usually through video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, etc. In this format, an instructor delivers lectures, interacts with students, and conducts discussions virtually. Livestream courses often follow a structured schedule and have set class timings.

Self-Paced Online Format:

Self-paced online courses provide flexibility for students to study at their own pace. Materials such as video lectures, reading materials, quizzes, and assignments are accessible online, allowing students to progress through the course independently.


  • Timing: Livestream courses follow a fixed schedule while self-paced online courses offer flexibility in timing.
  • Interaction: Livestream courses allow real-time interaction with instructors and peers, whereas self-paced courses have limited or no live interaction.
  • Structure: Livestream courses follow a set structure, while self-paced online courses give students more autonomy over their learning pace and path.

Choosing between these formats depends on individual preferences, learning styles, and availability. Some learners might prefer the structure and live interaction of livestream courses, while others might appreciate the flexibility and independence offered by self-paced online courses.

Are MY Real Estate School courses state approved?
Yes, all our courses are approved by the Alabama Real Estate Commission, AREA, and CDEI.
What happens after completing a course?
Upon completion, you can sit for the Alabama Real Estate License Exam. For pre-license coursework, it must be finished within six months.
What is the process for online courses?
Upon starting, you’ll sign a Pre-Course Checklist, understanding licensing requirements and deadlines. The final exam is proctored, requiring an appointment with an online proctor. After passing, you’ll sign an affidavit for identity verification.