CURRENT STUDENTS - Step TWO: Register for ZOOM - MY Real Estate School


Instructions for CURRENT ENROLLLED IN-PERSON & LIVESTREAM STUDENTS that will need access to the zoom room.
ALL Students must have registered for the zoom room as there are certain classes and lectures that will be participated in via zoom only.


NOTE: You must have FIRST logged on / joined the google class BEFORE this step. If you have not joined yet, please go back and complete that step first.

or Sign In
1. Set up your free zoom account or sign in to your existing zoom account. ALL students MUST have a zoom account in order to register for the webinar room.
2. Accept Invitation from MRES for webinar series (Invitation with link is in google class)
3. Register for appropriate webinar room
4. Create a bookmark to access the same link to each class each week that will be sent to you in a confirmation email.
5. Make sure the device specifications work with your devices and bandwidth by utilizing the different testing options.
6. Phones are NOT allowed for use as your primary device for accessing the zoom class. There will be whiteboards, participation, and note taking that is required. Please only use a tablet of sorts or a desktop/laptop computer.