How Long Does a Real Estate License Last in Alabama?

Understanding the Lifespan of an Alabama Real Estate License: Renewal and Requirements

Understanding the Lifespan of a Real Estate License in Alabama

For real estate agents in Alabama, understanding the lifespan of a real estate license is crucial. Whether you’re a seasoned realtor or an aspiring real estate professional, the nuances of license renewal can significantly impact your career. In this blog, we will explore how long a real estate license lasts in Alabama, including the key process and requirements for renewals.


Alabama residents venturing into the real estate business must be well-acquainted with the Alabama Real Estate License Law and the Alabama Real Estate Commission (AREC) requirements to ensure that their license remains valid and they operate within the legal bounds of the state.

The Lifespan of a Real Estate License in Alabama

Initially, an Alabama real estate license is issued on an active or inactive status for the remainder of the biennium during which it was issued. Bienniums run from October 1st of every even year to September 30th of the next even year. This implies that the initial validity of your real estate license could vary from a few months to almost two years, depending on when you receive it.


Upon receiving a real estate license in Alabama, each agent must note the critical requirement of renewing their license every two years. Fortunately, the Alabama Real Estate Commission provides relatively straightforward guidelines for the renewal process.

License Renewal Requirements

  1. Continuing Education Before you can renew your real estate license in Alabama, you must complete 15 hours of Continuing Education (CE) each renewal period, of which 3 hours must be in a course focused on risk management. Remaining vigilant about these CE requirements is essential for realtors to ensure a seamless renewal process. These educational courses are vital as they keep real estate professionals updated on current laws, regulations, best practices, and trends in the industry.

  3. Renewal Process The license renewal period opens on September 1 and closes on September 30 of the renewal year. Licensees can renew their licenses through the AREC website, where they must also pay the renewal fee. It’s important to renew your license on time to avoid lapsing and facing the possibility of additional fees or the need for reinstatement through further education or examination.

  5. Late Renewal If an agent fails to renew their license by September 30, their license will be placed on inactive status, and they will have until December 31 of the same year to renew their license while incurring late fees. Agents should take care to avoid this scenario as practicing real estate with an inactive license in Alabama is illegal and could result in significant penalties.

In summary, a real estate license in Alabama requires attention to detail, adherence to deadlines, and a commitment to ongoing education. By meeting the Continuing Education requirements and renewing your license every two years, real estate professionals can ensure they remain compliant and continue to thrive in their careers.


For those looking to step into the field of real estate, understanding these requirements is the first step towards a successful career. Make sure to keep these keywords in mind – real estate license Alabama, license renewal requirements, course, and realtor – as they will guide you through the process and help you stay informed.


The Real Estate profession in Alabama offers great opportunities for those willing to commit to the licensure requirements. By staying proactive about your license renewal and educational requirements, you can enjoy a rewarding career helping individuals and families find their dream homes or invest in property across Alabama.