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Cram Course Study Guide PDF


The Cram Course Study Guide – All-in-One Review Study Guide on eBook / PDF designed specifically to help you pass your Licensing Real Estate Exam, designed using the Alabama Real Estate Commission’s outline specifically for the national and state licensing exam (Pearson Vue administered). Valuable to BOTH pre-license AND broker’s license students, this is one of our best exam prep weapons!

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This is a downloadable PDF Formatted eBook version of the Cram Course Study Guide.


*Copyright infringement laws specifically prohibit the use and distribution of this documentation outside of its intended purpose. Any unlawful use will be pursued by law.


Features of the Cram Course Study Guide

  1. National Principles & Law Key Point Review (60 pages)
  2. Real Estate Math Key Formula Review & Practice (20 pages)
  3. Alabama-Specific Laws and Practices (30 pages)
  4. National Practice Tests (500 questions)
  5. Alabama Practice Tests (125 questions)
  6. Alabama Sample Exam (100 questions)

We know the real estate licensing exam can be tough, and very nerve-wracking to prepare for.  This study guide has been created with that in mind.

The Cram Course Study Guide is comprehensive, covering both key content review and testing practice. The text review is Alabama-specific, providing terse, relevant, and accurate summaries of Alabama laws and regulations. These are presented as a well-organized set of state ‘key point reviews,’ ideal for pre-test memorization.


However, the importance of national content should not be dismissed. The national key point reviews succinctly compress tested national principles and practices, constituting the national portion of state license exams nationwide. Our content is derived from our own national textbook, Principles of Real Estate Practice – one of the most widely used principles textbooks in the country. Furthermore, our national content and question selection are tailored to the state testing outline provided by Pearson Vue for Alabama. Thus, the breadth and depth of the law reviews and test questions reflect the topic emphasis of your state’s testing service and your Alabama license exam.


A word about the test questions: The testing practice section comprises ten national practice tests, five state practice tests, and one state exam sample test. The practice tests, approximately 50 questions each, along with the 100-question sample test, cover the content outlined in the law reviews. This reinforces your understanding of the total body of information tested by your state exam. The questions are direct and designed to test your understanding. After completing a test, you can check your answers against the answer key in the appendix. Each question’s answer is accompanied by a brief explanation or “rationale” to further reinforce your understanding.


In the end, as you know, success is up to you. Unlike other exam prep materials, we do not claim that using this book guarantees passing your state exam. Success still requires hard work and study. We have done our best to prepare you, and after that, we wish you the best of success in taking and passing your Alabama real estate exam. Good luck!