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Alabama Real Estate Post License Course


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You must have a temporary license number back from the Real Estate Commission to begin the Post License class.

Course Description

If you have recently passed your agent exam and achieved full certification, congrats! Now, you are probably wondering “what next?” After all, most of our students hold a temporary license and no idea what to do with it. This is to be expected; most new agents focus so intently on passing their exam that they have not given much else any consideration.

The same top name in Birmingham AL real estate instruction wants to help you jumpstart your career. Moreover, the best way to do that is with the 30 Hour Post License Course at My Real Estate School. It may seem counterproductive to head back to class right after passing your exam, but most new real estate agents make careless mistakes during their initial employment. While it is true there’s no teacher like experience; our course is the next best thing.


All Post License Courses are held in 2 modules and you can take them in whatever order you wish. Modules are held on Saturday & Sunday from 8:30-5pm at our Main Location. Please read below for all stipulations.


January 14 & 15 February 11 & 12
March 11 & 12 April 22 & 23
May 6 & 7 June 10 & 11
July 8 & 9 August 12 & 13
September 9 & 10 October 14 & 15
November 11 & 12 December 9 & 10


You must have a temporary license number back from the Real Estate Commission to begin the Post License class.
*If we do not have your license number when you come to class, we can not submit your completion. You will be asked to come back when you have it.

Step 1: PICK THE DATE YOU WISH TO TAKE YOUR FIRST MODULE. DATES ARE LISTED BELOW.  You can take the modules in any order.

Step 2: Once you have selected the date of the first module you will take, register on the website. This registration cost will cover BOTH modules and you will NOT need to let us know the date of the second you will attend. We will note your attendance when you arrive for that date.

PLEASE NOTE: Your POST LICENSE COURSE NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE YOUR TEMPORARY LICENSE EXPIRES. BOTH Modules will satisfy the 30 hour requirement and the school will submit your completion to the real estate commission. There will be a short exam at the end of your second Module.


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Mission: MY Real Estate School’s mission is to provide quality real estate education that is both affordable and convenient, appealing to the various educational needs of the modern student.

Price : $ 239.99

Max Availability : 100

Difficulty : Intermediate

Location : Vestavia Hills

Typology : In Person Courses