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Tips for Passing the Alabama Real Estate License Exam

The exciting and rewarding career path of becoming a licensed real estate agent in Alabama requires navigating the Alabama real estate license exam. Before delving into study tips, it’s crucial to comprehend the structure of the exam.

Understanding the Alabama Real Estate License Exam

The exam comprises 140 multiple-choice questions, with a minimum passing score of 70%. It consists of two sections: the national portion covering general real estate principles and practices, and the state-specific portion delving into Alabama-specific laws and regulations.

To prepare adequately, complete a pre-licensing course approved by the Alabama Real Estate Commission (AREC), covering all necessary material for both exam sections. MY Real Estate School is the oldest and largest real estate education provider in Alabama.

Study Tip #1: Start Early and Create a Study Schedule

Initiate your journey by crafting a study schedule. Starting early is crucial for mental readiness.

Study Tip #2: Focus on Key Topics

While reviewing all pre-licensing course material is essential, concentrate on key topics likely to appear on the exam. Dive deep into the state exam concepts and vocabulary in our intensive 1-Day cram course led by Mark Yarbrough, an accomplished realtor and educator at MY Real Estate School. This comprehensive session will provide a thorough review of anticipated state exam content, including sample questions and opportunities for Q&A.

Study Tip #3: Take Practice Exams

Prepare for the exam by taking practice exams to familiarize yourself with question formats. Multiple practice exams, available online or through pre-licensing course providers, are recommended to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Study Tip #4: Utilize Study Materials

In addition to pre-licensing course materials, leverage other resources like flashcards, study guides, and online courses. MY Real Estate School offers a variety of study materials, including our very own Exam Prep product with videos, flashcards, and quizzes.

Study Tip #5: Join a Study Group

Enhance preparation by joining a study group. This collaborative approach allows for discussions and material reviews. Connect with study groups through your pre-licensing course provider or online forums.

Reciprocal Real Estate License Course for Alabama

For out-of-state licensees seeking a reciprocal license in Alabama, completion of a reciprocal real estate license course is mandatory.

Study Tip #6: Review Alabama-Specific Laws and Regulations

Prioritize a review of Alabama-specific laws, focusing on agency relationships, disclosures, and advertising.

Study Tip #7: Take Advantage of Online Courses

Explore online reciprocal real estate license courses offering flexibility and convenience.

Alabama Real Estate Post License Course

After obtaining your Alabama real estate license, completing a post license course within the first six months is mandatory.

Study Tip #8: Review Key Topics from Pre-Licensing Course

Revisit key topics from the pre-licensing course to refresh your memory.

Study Tip #9: Take Advantage of Interactive Learning

Explore interactive learning experiences in post license courses, such as group discussions and case studies, for better understanding and application of material.


Passing the Alabama real estate license exam is pivotal for launching a successful career in real estate. Diligent preparation, focus on key topics, and the use of study materials will increase your chances of success. On exam day, prioritize rest, nutrition, and early arrival with necessary materials. With dedication and preparation, you can confidently pass the Alabama real estate license exam and embark on an exciting journey in the real estate industry.